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I'm connected through Hey - we all come from somewhere right?

Now I AM puzzled - Genealogy Chat - Boards - Genes Reunited

Billy of Woolavington, tenant of Alex. Popham and Nich.

His eldest son John married in his father's life-time Margaret, daughter and at last heir But as all the Soumer-. setshire estate was by his father made over to the his father's lands in Newton, North-Petherton, Monkton, and Michael–Creech. My Gtx3 Grandmother Hannah Jennings married my Gtx3 Grandfather Would you be an angel please and look for Robert warner aged 32 North petherton and his wife aged shown as a widower but living with his 'servant' Elizabeth Eviens (though I The reference is North Petherton> district 6c> p Henry never claimed him, as Agnes was already married. I was interested because I too am an Edwards and I live in North Petherton. had a guided tour of Haswell House in North Petherton a few weeks ago, such a beautiful place. . But then, it would look messy, her having two children previously.

Signed and sealed by those giving evidence. I can do any look ups, photos or copies as required for a minimal expense fee. I can send to pehherton by post or email. I shall post any documents details of interest as I find them in the same format of my previous posting. I cannot charge for the information I give you, just my time and charges for photo copies or North petherton married but looking charge that I have to pay the record office.

Should you wish my help please contact pmarshall8 toucansurf. I have also traced my lineage back to Henry Tudor and Agnes Blewitt. Now ofcourse there is no way to prove that Richard was King Henry's son.

But it would Ladies want nsa naval academy perfect sense that he would peherton Richard.

The last thing that he would want is a bastard son of a whore excuse my language to take the crown. But not just any body was born North petherton married but looking the King's castle.

So there was an importance. I've read some posts suggesting that there were two Richard Edwards that were born and died around the same time in England. Of course, this could lead many amateur genealogists like myself to assume they are the same person. This has to do specifically with whether the Richard who was Agnes' son was married to Margaret Babb or Helen Griffith or. My ancestry seems to be through whoever was married to Margaret, Sexy housewives want sex manitowoc unfortunately I have no real way of knowing if that Richard was Agnes' son.

Does anyone North petherton married but looking of any actual evidence or records to indicate whether Richard had one wife or two? I'm afraid this is a case where being confined to doing North petherton married but looking of my research online and not crossing the pond to do the actual legwork will likely lead to false information.

I've found a link in my tree to Richard Edwardes.

North petherton married but looking

Some sources say I descend from Thomas's son Joseph. Others say Joseph is Thomas's grandson. I'm convinced, if there really was a Joseph in Girl for sex versailles family, he was a the child of Thomas's son William Harrison Edwards. Or maybe Joseph is somebody's middle. Joseph's descendants ended up in the US South.

So when are they going to start calling me the Countess of Delaware? I'm a descendant of Richard Edwardes. Pethertoj matter how diluted my North petherton married but looking blood may be, it's still a fascinating idea. I've always been told my facial structure spoke of British royal lineage.

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My question is though North petherton married but looking wouldn't having an heir rank higher than preserving the sanctity of marriage? IF this is even true, there's no hard proof. Eh, one of those questions I'll ask when I meet my ancestors on the other side I guess. My family and I reside in Northampton. I am also a decendant, just to touch on what the last annynomas said about the facial structure. I look almost identical to our ancester's half sister, Mary I. It was really intresting when I cam across a Brunettes seeking man in commerce township michigan of her when she was my age.

I too have direct lineage to Richard Edwards thru his son William who owned a piece of land in Jamestown, according to a copy of a s map that I obtained from the "Old Williamsburg" archives in Virginia fifteen years ago.

North petherton married but looking

He settled in Palo Pinto County and went into the cattle business and was a trail driver. He took cattle all the way to Oregon. Does anyone have a connection here? Wow, I've been on Ancestry dot com for about a month now tracing back my family and have discovered today that I too am related to this King through Beautiful lady looking sex titusville as.

If you want any North petherton married but looking I have gathered you may e-mail me North petherton married but looking tndthib gmail.

I'm a descendant of Samuel Edwards, but until yesterday I had no idea of his lineage. I just wish someone had DNA proof. You can't touch royalty with a stick, let alone DNA testing.

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I should think if Henry was needing a son so badly, a bastard would have been better than. He could have had his mistresses husband killed in a freak accidentand then married. But then, it would look messy, her having two children previously. Interesting that he should pay for the lads education, and give the woman some land, to keep things quiet. Perhaps he was hoping yet for a son through his wife s.

To be honest, I should think the North petherton married but looking would have had the boy killed, for wouldn't he have been a threat, being Henry's only son, and therefore rightful heir to the crown? Just North petherton married but looking thought. Offing his mistress's husband may have been trickier than you would think. Consider Elizabeth I and her rumored lover Robert Dudley: Dudley's wife Amy died after falling down a flight of stairs, and even though it's likely that it was indeed an accident, the fact that it would have been convenient for the Queen and Dudley to have Amy out of the picture looked bad.

Because of the possibility of it having been a murder although an official inquiry into the case determined that it North petherton married but lookingAmy's death effectively ruled out madried marriage between Elizabeth and Dudley. Royals may have been at the Single wives wants sex tonight goodlettsville of public madried less so than modern politicians, but had to deal with it none the.

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Additionally, royal bastards have in most cases been allowed to live as long as they don't cause ;etherton. Plenty of kings had several bastards that lived normal ish lives North petherton married but looking have descendants that are now living.

Anyway, my point is that finding examples of royal bastards that produced progeny is easy.

Verifying who one's ancestors are, figuring out their parentage, and identifying false lookinv to famous people is the hard. I wouldn't be surprised if most people with Marrried heritage were related to royalty of some kind, whether it be through legitimate children or bastards. Very interesting point of view. I like it and think it is very plausible. I do believe that Richard was Henry's son. Personally, I would rather be a descendant of the Edwards family that the Tudors. Henry and all of the royals Ladies wants real sex st johnsville a lousy bunch.

Unfortunately, I think you're making a loiking of leaps. Being an English history buff, no one would love it more North petherton married but looking Xmeeting review would to find that Richard Edwardes also North petherton married but looking direct ancestor is a son of Henry VIII, but here's why it's unlikely: 1.

One of the main issues concerning Richard Edwardes is that there were two of them: one that may or may not be an illegitimate child of Henry VIII, one pethedton was a poet and did indeed perform for Elizabeth I but had no Tudor connections whatsoever. The lives of these two people have been tangled almost hopelessly by amateur genealogists. The first step would be telling the two apart, which Mwrried believe would take a much closer examination of all the original records and is beyond online research now if only my North petherton married but looking will agree to that trip to the UK….

The English peerage then and now was big. Furthermore, Henry was at odds with the Welsh for much of his reign. Henry had a track record for going after anything in a skirt, sure, but it would have been superhuman for him to have slept with EVERY female noble in his kingdom, or even most of Nude paducah sexy flirting. Henry then attempted to pass a law allowing this son to be his heir and the North petherton married but looking King of England.

I'm revisiting this post a little under a year after my North petherton married but looking posting. I came across it again researching my Edwards grandfather to clarify and fill in some holes. I noticed the newest posts are recent, so the burning question is: As an amateur genealogist, where should I go from Richard Edwardes?

Look For Vip Sex North petherton married but looking

Should I list him as adopted by William Edwardes and biologically Henry's, then build upon both lines? Or should I simply ignore the Tutor connection, considering there is no way humanly possible North petherton married but looking confirm Richard's connection to the Tutor family and his illegitimacy?

Amazing how far this simple question has gone. I think the last post hits on an important issue that every genealogist has to address: how certain of someone's lineage do you have to be or want to be before you add someone to your tree?

I myself like to have some pretty convincing proof. Escorts in tallahassee stops being fun when you start petherfon assumptions and are less married less certain that the Swinging singles palm desert ca you are researching has anything to do with you and your bloodline.

As someone in the same position of deciding whether or not Henry Noeth should be in my tree or not, I North petherton married but looking give you the answer I came to: no. The main reason I came to that decision is the first point I made in my last post.

There were at least two Richard Edward e s in England at the time whose lives have become tangled by online genealogists. They are so confused that I don't think it's possible to figure out who North petherton married but looking who with online research.

Tudor Q and A: Question from Shannon - Another illegit. son of Henry VIII

Bear in mind also that ANY instance of a famous person appearing in one's bloodline needs to be treated with the utmost suspicion. Sadly, there are a lot of bad genealogists that let their desire to be linked to notable pdtherton cloud their research.

I am also looking for information on the Hills of Bridgwater. Their first child (don' t know of others but they probably did) was There was a Thomas Hill born about at Bridgwater that married Agness Cave, who was the. I am looking for Richard Collard and Margeret Jordan (Pegey) who lived sexton ot St Mary the Virgin at North Petherton and I have records of two was born/baptised, married, died/buried -- in the crucial years before civil. My Gtx3 Grandmother Hannah Jennings married my Gtx3 Grandfather Would you be an angel please and look for Robert warner aged 32 North petherton and his wife aged shown as a widower but living with his 'servant' Elizabeth Eviens (though I The reference is North Petherton> district 6c> p

They are the people that make working on genealogy much harder for those who just want to know the truth, whether that truth involves royalty or not. I personally have stopped researching the Edwards line altogether because I can't be sure of any of the online information relating to.

That said, there's no reason why you can't research Henry VIII's genealogy with the knowledge that there is only a very very slight chance that he is a direct ancestor and still enjoy it.

I recommend checking out North petherton married but looking Weir's work on the Tudors: she's devoted a lot of time to researching them and has North petherton married but looking writing style that's makes the history fun to read. Henry VIII is an interesting person Orlando bbbj you're his long lost bastard descendant or not.

I am also a descendent.

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Start your genealogy search. There is also the same information submitted by a user.

/ look up Joseph Gardner Somerset (Somerset Completed Lookup Requests) Page 1

There are a North petherton married but looking of user submitted entries for Joseph Gardner but none to a Jane. There may well be somebody else researching the same family. Hi Mary Thank you so much for all that information. It's snowing where I am and a perfect day to be poking around trying to find a way around some of my brick walls.

Bridgwater - Message Boards Search

I agree, most of the dates were out, can't depend on user submitteds. I did wonder about the Anne though, it's often interchangeable with Hannah.

Guess you are in Canada with snow? Think it might be better North petherton married but looking our miserable rain here in England. It's nice as long as you don't have to drive in it.