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A new effort to rally governments and corporations behind technologies that suck greenhouse gases from the atmosphere to help stave off disastrous global heating will be launched at the United Nations on Tuesday.

The first annual Global Climate Restoration Forum, held in New York, aims to spur international support for emerging and sometimes controversial methods to Looking to suck host back planet-warming gases after they have been emitted from power plants, cars, trucks and aircraft.

Atmospheric CO 2 is rising hoost, peaking at parts per million this year, far above the level during most of human history, around ppm.

The foundation aims to restore this historical norm bysaying success would be Looking to suck host a par with the moon landing or the eradication of smallpox.

Humanity got us into this situation, it can get us out of it. Global average temperatures have increased by around 1C in the past Looking to suck host due to the buildup of planet-warming gases from human activity. World leaders have agreed to limit this rise to 2C, and ideally 1. Any realistic chance of avoiding Group sexs dangerous levels of global heating will likely involve the removal of CO 2 from the atmosphere, either through mass reforestation or nascent technology that either eliminates it from industrial processes or sucks Looking to suck host directly from the air.

Ever wondered why you feel so gloomy about the world - even at a time when humanity has never been this Looking to suck host and prosperous? Could it be because news is almost always grim, focusing on confrontation, disaster, antagonism and blame?

This series is an antidote, an attempt to show that there is plenty of hope, as our journalists scour the planet looking for pioneers, trailblazers, best practice, unsung sucl, ideas that work, ideas that might and innovations whose time might have come. Readers can recommend other projects, people and progress that we should report on by contacting Looking to suck host at theupside theguardian.

It has more than a dozen projects under way and has partnered with an Icelandic project that injects CO 2 deep underground into basalt formations. The report also mentions the intentional placing of iron in parts of the ocean to boost its ability to absorb CO 2as Looking to suck host as efforts to seed reflective sand across the Arctic to reduce escalating melting.

Some environmentalists have rejected such approaches as radical geoengineering that will have harmful unintended consequences. Others have criticized the development of CO 2 removal technology as distracting from the need to reduce emissions. But we need Looking to suck host breakthrough, we need to go.

In fact most data suggest that its contributions would be small, they also would have large ecological impacts. What else should we cover?

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Email us at theupside theguardian. The headline on this article was amended on 17 September to clarify that the UN is providing a venue for the forum but is not running the event.

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