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A woman from a small Indian village may have set a new record for the world's oldest mother.

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The pregnancy was made possible using donor eggs and in vitro fertilization. Doctors said the twins, both girls, were born via caesarian section, with no complications, SWNS reported.

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The babies and their mother are reportedly healthy and safe. The woman's husband, Mtaure, has been reported by various sources to be either 78 or 80 years old. The couple has been married 57 years and until now was unable to have children. In-vitro fertilization is a fairly common treatment, but can be expensive and complicated. Here's what to know about the procedure.

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Read more: 10 things to know if you're considering IVF as a fertility treatment. Every pregnancy involves the joining of an egg and sperm. Hwin may occur Elderly mature women of twin vlieland sexual intercourse, but can happen other ways as well, as with IVF. IVF combines the two reproductive cells outside of the body which is what "in vitro" means in a lab setting.

Outcomes of Twin Pregnancies in Women 45 Years of Age or Older.

The procedure can involve eggs or sperm from the parents, or from donors, as in Mangayamma's case. Doctors retrieve healthy eggs from the mother, or donor, by inserting a thin needle into the ovary. The eggs are combined with sperm in a process call insemination. This sometimes occurs by placing both in a Petri dish or, if the chance Elderly mature women of twin vlieland fertilization is especially low, by injecting the sperm directly into the egg.

The resulting embryo can be placed into the expecting parent's womb 3 to 5 days after insemination. Even with IVF, Ekderly extremely rare for women in their 70s to become pregnant.

IVF is sometimes used for couples who have had difficulty conceiving a child because it can combine the most viable eggs and sperm, leaving little to chance.

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Clinicians also make sure the embryo is growing before it's transferred to the womb. However, if chances of fertility are low, more than one embryo may be placed to ensure that one will "take" to the uterine lining and develop into a growing fetus.

Juan Alvareza reproductive endocrinologist with Fertility Centers of Illinois, previously told Insider. It is advised to place one embryo at a time, and in some cases with prior unsuccessful cycles, two embryos are transferred. This depends on a number of factorsincluding the parent's age.


If more than one twiin is placed and they all develop into healthy fetuses, you can end up with twins, or even triplets. A fertility doctor wants to Cruising gays older women get pregnant using a controversial new technique.

A couple is suing a fertility clinic after giving birth to two other couples' babies.

Here's how that can happen. IVF doctors should scratch technique for improving pregnancy rates.

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Gabby Landsverk. Snapchat icon A ghost.

News reports are claiming that year-old Erramatti Mangayamma gave birth to twins earlier this month using donor eggs and in vitro fertilization IVF after decades of unsuccessfully trying to have children.

If true, this would make her the world's oldest mother. IVF is the process of combining an egg and sperm in a lab and transferring the resulting embyro s into the womb.

Here's how it works.