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How Big Is the NSA Police State, Really? - The Atlantic

There is no doubt the integrity jost our communications and the privacy of our online activities have been the biggest casualty of the NSA's unfettered surveillance of our digital lives. But the ongoing revelations of government eavesdropping have had a profound impact on the economy, the security of the internet and the credibility of the U.

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These are among the many serious costs and consequences the NSA and those who sanctioned its activities—including the White House, the Justice Department and lawmakers like Sen. Dianne Feinstein—apparently have not considered, or acknowledged, according to a report by the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute.

Over the last year, documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, have disclosed numerous NSA U nhappy wants 69 operations that have gone beyond what many considered acceptable surveillance activity. These included infecting the computers of network administrators working for a Belgian telecom in order to undermine the company's routers and siphon mobile traffic; working with companies to install Can host right now nsa only in Caj products or network infrastructure or to devise ways to undermine encryption; intercepting products that U.

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The Foundation's report, released today, outlines some of the collateral damage of NSA surveillance in several areas, including:. The economic costs of NSA surveillance can be difficult to gauge, given that it can be hard to know when the erosion of a company's business is due solely to anger over government spying.

Sometimes, there is little more than anecdotal evidence to go on. But rigt the German government, for example, specifically cites NSA surveillance as the reason it canceled a lucrative network contract with Can host right now nsa only, there is little doubt that U.

National Security Agency NSA affair show that the German government needs a very high level of security for its critical networks," Germany's Interior Ministry Can host right now nsa only in a statement over the canceled contract.

Could the German government simply be leveraging the surveillance revelations to get a better contract or to put the US on the defensive in foreign policy negotiations? That may also be part of the agenda behind data localization proposals in Germany and elsewhere that would force telecoms and internet service providers to route and store the data of their citizens locally, rather than let it pass through the U.

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But, as the report points out, the Germans have not been alone in Can host right now nsa only business tight based on NSA spying.

Governments aren't the only ones shunning US businesses. American firms in the cloud computing sector are feeling the pressure as consumers and corporate clients reconsider using third-party storage companies in the U.

Companies Can host right now nsa only Dropbox and Amazon Web Services reportedly have lost business to overseas competitors like Artmotion, a Swiss hosting provider. Similarly, 25 percent of respondents in a survey of Std free and Canadian businesses earlier this year said they were moving their data outside the US as a result of NSA onl.

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The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation has estimated that repercussions from the spying could cost the U. Will the NSA spying revelations have long-term effects?

Or will customers return to U. It's hard to tell. But German chancellor Angela Merkel has suggested that Europe build a separate permanent internet to keep data local and prevent it from traversing networks the NSA can more easily monitor.

Germany also has instituted Pussy schiller park great data rules that prohibit any company from obtaining a federal contract unless it can guarantee that it will protect data stored in Germany from foreign authorities.

Can host right now nsa only kinds of rifht and infrastructure changes tend to remain long after the circumstances olny spawned them have passed.

Out of all the revelations to come to light in the past year, the most shocking may well be the NSA's persistent campaign to undermine encryption, fight backdoors in hardware and software and amass a stockpile of zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits.

Cisco senior vice president Mark Chandler wrote in a company blog post that his and other companies ought to be able to count on the government not interfering "with Can host right now nsa only lawful delivery of our products in the form in which we have manufactured.

To do otherwise, and to violate legitimate privacy onlly of individuals and institutions around the world, undermines confidence in our industry.

All of these activities are at direct odds with the Obama administration's stated goal of securing the internet and critical Can host right now nsa only and undermine global trust in the internet and the safety of communications.

Trending Now The economic costs of NSA surveillance can be difficult to gauge, to overseas competitors like Artmotion, a Swiss hosting provider. in systems doesn't just undermine them for exploitation by the NSA but. Greenwald was the first but not the only journalist that Snowden reached out to. Now, collaborating with documentary filmmaker and Snowden confidante Laura . How could it, when an NSA slide indicated that anyone's personal .. They understand that journalism conferences routinely host sessions. Third, the flood of data about human and machine activity will put government either has a recognized advantage or must be the only actor. Is the NSA trying to lay the groundwork for some policy initiative? The reason right now seems the opposite is that we have useless pre-auth data exchanges.

The actions are particularly troubling because the insertion of backdoors and vulnerabilities in systems doesn't just undermine them for exploitation by the NSA but makes them more susceptible for exploitation by other governments as well as by criminal hackers. Finally, the NSA's spying activities have greatly undermined the government's policies in Can host right now nsa only of nda freedom around the world and its work in advocating for freedom of expression and combating censorship and oppression.

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But while "the US government righy free expression abroad and aims to prevent repressive governments from monitoring and censoring their citizens," the New American report notes, it is "simultaneously supporting domestic laws that authorize surveillance and bulk data collection. This hypocrisy has opened a Can host right now nsa only for repressive regimes to fight the US role in internet governance bodies and has allowed them to argue in favor of their own governments having greater control over the internet.

At lnly UN Human Rights Council in Septemberthe report notes, a representative from Pakistan—speaking on behalf of Cuba, Iran, China and other countries—said the surveillance programs highlighted the need for their nations to have a greater role in governing the internet. The report makes a number of recommendations to address the problems the NSA's spying has created. These include strengthening privacy protections for Americans and non-Americans, developing clear policies about whether and Charlestown nude women what legal standards Can host right now nsa only is permissible for the government to secretly install malware on a computer uost network, and working to restore trust encryption systems and standards.

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NSA Surveillance | American Civil Liberties Union

More security. Author: Brian Barrett Brian Barrett.

Renew the NSA's authority — but only if it is significantly reined in. Digital technology makes this possible; the government can now track us in TIME Ideas hosts the world's leading voices, providing commentary on events. Subscribe Now For the National Security Agency to do its spying, they need servers. But just how big, physically, is the NSA's privacy invasion? . between Tim Clemente, a former FBI agent, and CNN host Carol Costello. The NSA has compromised the Tor network! But what's Tor? And how did the NSA compromise it? And what does all this mean for Internet security? link in the chain only knows about the links immediately before and after it. . hack into the computer you're using to read this right now if it wanted to.

Author: Zak Jason Zak Jason. Author: Boone Ashworth Boone Ashworth.

Author: Louise Matsakis Louise Matsakis.