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Anyone for some hottub fun

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If you don't see something here, please check back, email us or give us a call at Miner sex Pictured hot tub inventory are examples of tubs previously refurbished by CSHT and may hpttub reflect todays inventory or todays pricing.

But sometimes, especially when you have company over, you may want to play some hot tub games. Here are 10 fun games to play in the hot tub that are family friendly. Skip to content.

Our inventory is constantly changing. Sounds easy right?

Well it may prove fo be a fun challenge! Once a ball touches a player, they are out and must get out of the hot tub.

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Fill it as full as possible without breaking it. All lucky players — and one unlucky one will sit around the edges of the hot tub.

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There will be lots of laughs and shivers! Anything goes!

You can splash it, blow it, or push it with waves as-long as no one touches it. And, since no game is any fun without risk, the winners get to decide on a fate for the losers.

Maybe a pitcher of cold water over the head? You will need two cups for this game.

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Set one of the cups in the water in the middle of the hot tub, you Anynoe use it to take turns pouring water into the empty cup.

After each pour, count to 5 while the cup settles.

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If you want to add more fun, they will also somw to get out of the hot tub. Divide into two teams and let the battle begin!

Making waves, blowing, or touching the object are not allowed. Their first or last name must start with a certain letter of the alphabet.

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Player one chooses any letter. Choose a name, then take turns naming all the celebrities you can think of skme share that. Sounds easy?

Not so much! If you want to make it even harder? Player 2 answers … while asking player 3 a question.

Who Needs a Hot Tub?